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Our “Major League Teams" of December


“Christmas at the Cannon” 

  This is the fifteenth year that organizations, businesses, and individuals have  donated money and time for an awesome event, “Christmas at the Cannon”, held at the Quiet Cannon restaurant in Montebello. 

  On Saturday, December 23, 2006, at least three thousand pre-registered individuals will receive a Christmas dinner.  Additionally, each family will receive a food basket and each youth up to age fourteen will be given a toy.  There will be an invocation and entertainment. 

   The coming together of organizations, businesses, and people to put on this event is inspiring.  “My Montebello” is listing them here from the printed program, hoping that, next year, there be even more organizations, businesses, and people listed. 


Reverend Norman Kasanovich

St. Stevens Cathedral

Sylvia and Mario Moreno

Praise Chapel

Fr. Rolly Astudillo

Deacon Fred Rios

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church 

                                      Master of Ceremonies

Bob King


Schurr High School Band and Choir

Dickens Holiday Carolers

Katherine Alvarado, pianist

Wise Guys

Crisco the Clown

                                    Platinum Sponsor

Bucky Dennis

                                     Gold Sponsors

Haylyne J. Norris

Belmont Fibers Inc.

                                      Silver Sponsor

Mr. Philip Pace

                                     Bronze Sponsors

Montebello Kiwanis Club

Montebello Rotary Club

                                   QC Friend Sponsors

Montebello Golf Players Club

Lions Club of Montebello

Andrea Wagg

Dr. Ralph and Carol Hansen

Montebello Bus Operators Association

Montebello Mid Management Association

Montebello City Employees Association

Montebello High School Alumni Association

Theresa Wilkinson

                  2006 Committee / Volunteer Sponsors



Fun Lovers

Risher Inc.

Trader Joe’s

U.S. Foods

Mattel Corp.

Mr. Luis Faragoso

Montebello Leos Club

Parflite Golf Club

Kyodo Gold Club

Russel Stover Candy

Royal Paper Box Co.

Montebello Men’s Club

St. Benedict Church

Los Angeles Dodgers

Montebello Town Center

Montebello Rotary and Interact Club

Montebello Lions Club

California Highway Patrol

Quiet Cannon Restaurant

Montebello-Commerce YMCA

Montebello Citizens Patrol

Montebello Optimist Club

Montebello Fire Department

The L.A. County Chilanos Association

Daniel Hernandez Productions

Montebello Police Department

Montebello Fire Explorer Post 29

Montebello Kiwanis and Key Club

Montebello Unified School District

Montebello Fire Explorer Post 1034

Montebello Soroptimist International

Montebello Transportation Department

Cantwell-Sacred Heart Rotary Interact Club

Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Church

Men from Down Stairs Bar Montebello

Montebello Department of Parks and Recreation

Native Daughters of the Golden West Poppy

Trial Parlor


“Adopt a Family”

 The Montebello Lions Club adopts a needy family for a year, beginning at Christmas.  A Lion member dresses as Santa Claus and rides in a limousine donated by ABA Limousine, with an escort by the Montebello police, sirens ahowlin’ and lights ablazin’.  This Santa sensation embarks from city hall, winding through Montebello streets and arriving at the family’s home, where the children are given gifts.   Also, the Lions Club helps the family during the children’s birthdates and at Thanksgiving.  

 This year the adopted family is a single parent with three children.  Santa is to leave city hall at about 3:30 PM Sunday and arrive at the family’s home between 4 and 4:30 PM.


For More Information 

The Montebello Kiwanis Club, start at

The Montebello Rotary Club, start at

The Montebello Lions Club, start at

The Montebello Optimist Club, start at

The Montebello Soroptimist Club, start at

Updated February 15, 2007


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