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Who Can Benefit From HOURS?


Everyone who needs more spending power and has extra time, including:

     Full-time employees who want a second job on their own schedule

     Part-time employees

     Under-employed workers who seek income from their skills

     The unemployed

     The housebound


     Kids ages 12 and up

     Everyone who wants to develop a part-or-full time business doing what they enjoy

     Business people who want more customers

     Those who need to pay debts faster 

     All who want to save up dollars for traveling


How many HOURS have been issued and how are they circulating?


     By August 1995, 5,200 HOURS have been issued. Thousands of trades have been made, and hundreds of thousands of dollar values have been added to grassroots economic activity. Many of the most popular stores and services (movies, restaurants, plumbers, food stores, gift shops, etc.) have earned over 100 HOURS each. The largest single HOUR purchase has been 150-HOURS carpentry job.


What gives the HOUR its value?


 Is backed by real people, real skills, real tools, time and goods. It is a steady base for barter negotiation.


How do I get Ithaca HOURS?


     You receive your first 2 Ithaca HOURS as payment for singing up to accept Ithaca HOURS for your goods and/or labor.


You can earn more HOURS by:

     Calling someone in the list who may need what you offer

     Agreeing to a request for your good work or labor.


Where can we spend Ithaca HOURS?


      The list of most business and individuals who accept HOURS is printed in Ithaca money.


Can I spend HOURS with someone who is not signed up to barter?


       Sure, hundreds of people have accepted hours that are not yet on the list.


How many dollars is an HOUR worth?


         The average hourly wage and salary in Tompkins country is about $10.00.Therefore, the HOUR in Ithaca money is $10.00 a bill.


Can we use dollars and HOURS together?


         Yes. For example, for a clock selling at 15 dollars, one might offer one HOUR plus 5 dollars.


What prevents inflation of the HOUR?


        The barter Potluck will watch demand grow and distribute HOURS gradually.


Who Prints and issues HOURS?


       Decisions to print and issue HOURS are made by those who attend Barter Potlucks. Anyone who advertises their willingness to accept HOURS in Ithica money may vote.


What prevents counterfeiting?


       HOURS are printed on tinted recycled paper, with color overlays. Red serial numbers are stamped deep and can be felt.


Why not just do dollars?


      Conventional employment does not provide us with enough dollars to do all trading we need. HOURS represent the productive potential of grassroots enterprise.


Is barter income taxable?


       Exchanges of non-professional goods and services are not taxable. Exchanges of business goods and services are taxable.


Are Ithaca HOURS legal?

       They are a form of script often issued during money shortage. Disney Dollars, used in Disneyland and Disney world, are another recent form of local currency. They are not illegal.
































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