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January 11, 2007


TO:             E-News team 5, squad 1

                   (Viviana, Elizabeth, Yesenia, Edward, Tiffany, Angel, Lupe)


                   E-News team 5, squad 2

                   (Denise, Nicole, Bianney, Jeannette, Michelle, Cecilia, Jennifer)


                   E-News team 5, squad 3

                   (Jessica, Darla, Grecia, Stephanie, Scott)


                   E-News team 8, squad 1

                   (Ana, Denisse)


                   E-News team 8, squad 2

                   (Bianca, Melissa, Ricardo, Vanessa, Ernesto)


                   E-News team 8, squad 3

                   (Julian, Darling, Andrea, Nancy G., Nancy C., Nayeli, Laura)


FR:      Van Ajemian,, 323.720.1022 (I work in a paralegal’s office, so do not hesitate to leave voice mail)


Thank you, everyone, for signing up yesterday!  If you work well in teams, you are going to excel and many people outside of MHS are going to know about your work.


First, I ask whether two students from team 8, squad 3, would transfer to team 5, squad three, which is a bit short on members.  Please decide among yourselves and e-mail me today.  Everyone, please note this:  when e-mailing me, put “From E-NEWS team 5” or “From E-NEWS team 8” in the subject field, so that I know the e-mail is not spam.


Second, I ask whether one student from team 8, squad 2, and one student from team 8, squad 3, would transfer to team 8, squad 1, so that each squad have four members.  Please decide among yourselves and e-mail me today.


Third, I am looking for two team leaders for each squad.  If interested, e-mail me today.


Finally, there is much material at our Website,  I ask that you go there, click on “Setting an Example” in the left margin, and read the three documents pertaining to E-News, so that you get an idea of why your activities would set you apart from most high schoolers.  You do not have to read anything else for now.  On Tuesday, I will bring instructions for a big story for each squad of team 5 and for a community lesson for each squad of team 8.  You are welcome to e-mail or call me at any time with a question or if you have a difficulty.  Thank you.
































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