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                                     January 16, 2007


TO:                  E-News (newsletter) team 1


                        Squad 1:  Aaron and Karla.

                        Squad 2:  David, Johnny, Adriana.

                        Squad 3:  Salvador, Eddy, Marvin.

                        Squad 4:  Cindy, Gabriela, Alma.

                        Squad 5:  Berta, Chris, Aracely.


    If these squad assignments do not work for you, you may swap places with somebody else. You must let me know right away.


FR: Van Ajemian,, 323.720.1022 (I work in a paralegal’s office; do not hesitate to leave voice mail)


Good morning, everyone!  My goal is to provide you with a written update and instructions every week, which are to be posted in your classroom.  I thank Ms. Capella for helping out, because it is hard for you and me to connect, given that there is no class time available during the day for us to talk and plan.  Also, it is so important that you keep a personal calendar and check your personal e-mail twice daily.  I am not a teacher at MHS, and time is limited to work with a hundred students.  But we can accomplish much if everyone understands and uses professional work habits all the time.  This includes following instructions on time and in detail.  If a team does not follow instructions, that hurts everyone.


First, have you done the reading asked on January 12? 


Second, here is how we will work together.


1. You may e-mail or call me at any time and I will reply the same day, unless there be too much to do.  Be clear about who you are and how I am to reply to you.  Do leave a voice mail if I do not answer.


2. I am setting aside time for teams during nutrition, to meet in the school library.  It is very important to have a routine, that is, for us to meet regularly;  otherwise, activities would be postponed or never done, which means that that whole project would suffer, because each team’s work is important to the success of the project.  Imagine that we were a club and we met at nutrition.  (Of course, nutrition is short, so we must be quick to get to the school library and have our meeting.)  We start next week.  This does not apply during finals week, but does apply during any vacationIf there is a one-day holiday, we must make up the meeting quickly.  Why?  Our activities help people in need, and there is always need.


E-News (newsletter) team 5, second and fourth Mondays;  team 9, second and fourth Tuesdays;  team 1, first and third Tuesdays;  team 13, every Wednesday;  team 7, second and fourth Thursdays;  other teams, second and fourth Fridays; 


“Montebello Oil” (money) teams 1 and 8, first and third Mondays;  team 7, first and third Thursdays;  other teams, first and third Fridays.


3. If you have something urgent or would like for more time to meet, as a team, a squad or individually;  I am available any school day before school, first period, second period or immediately after school, in room B-5.  Also, I am available at any time on the weekend;  we can meet on the school’s front steps or at the main Montebello library, as we agree.  Let me know one or more days in advance.


Now, please note the specific instructions for your team and squad, on the back side.  Please begin this week, as the first deadline for announcements is January 23.  Ask me if you have questions. Thank you.

Team 1, first read general information about your activities.  Go to and click on “Announcements”.


1. There will be one big change.  Instead of announcements coming to me, they will come to you.  Your squad must use a special e-mail account to request and receive announcements:


squad 1,;

squad 2,;

squad 3,;

squad 4,;

squad 5,


Sometimes e-mail service does not work.  What should you do?  Call to request announcements.  (Do you know what to say in a call?  Do you know what your cell phone greeting should say?  And if you do not have a cell phone, do you know what to do?  Ask me.  It is important to cover all possibilities, so that the announcements keep coming.  We do not want to appear helpless because the technology does not work.)


2. Each squad will request announcements from different groups.  A group may submit one or two announcements per week.


squad 1, from the school district, schools, museums, and libraries, E-News teams 7 and 10, “Montebello Oil” teams 7 and 10, except as noted below; 

squad 2, from service clubs and nonprofit organizations in Montebello, except as noted below;

squad 3, our city councilors, school-board members, county supervisor, county registrar-recorder, state legislators, member of Congress, League of Women Voters, Common Cause;

squad 4, from the Montebello senior center, the police department (including crime alerts), the fire department, the California Department of Motor Vehicles, and other agencies, except as noted below;

squad 5, from doctors, health reporters, hospitals, health clinics, lawyers, paralegals, legal-aid centers.


3. First, you need to make a list.  There are lists at our Web site,, but the lists are not complete or update-to-date.  Do you know how to enlarge your list?  Ask me.


4. When you have a list, you start by calling and explaining briefly who you are and what you are doing.  (See chapter 15 of the textbook at our Web site or ask me.)  You write down a name and an e-mail address, saying that an e-mail is coming the same day.  You immediately e-mail to explain the details and make it possible for the other person to reply with announcements.  (Do you know what to say in the subject field of your e-mail?)  You remind him or her by e-mail every week, as people forget deadlines.


5. All announcements must be to e-mailed to E-News team 6 no later than every Tuesday morning for that Thursday’s issue of E-News.  You must say in the subject field, “Announcements for E-NEWS from team 1, squad _____”, so that team 6 know that your e-mail is not spam.


6. You decide which announcements will be important for people whose primary or only language is Spanish.  You translate those announcements into Spanish and have another squad proofread. You talk to people in Montebello about how best to distribute those announcements to Spanish speakers, and then all squads work together to distribute.  Ask me if you would like ideas about distribution.


We will have an “En español” section at our Web site, for which you could translate writings.  You choose what to translate and ask me to approve;  sometimes I will give you something to translate.  (Example:  you read classic Spanish literature.  I would love translations of short poems and passages.)


7. Look at the fourth issue of E-News.  There are “fun facts” there.  Each team, in rotation, is asked to find a short fun fact and include it with the announcements.  We start with squad 1 this week.


If you have a question, do not hesitate to call or e-mail me.  The first deadline is Tuesday, January 23.
































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