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Update for All Project Staff, 1.19.07 (Updated 1.24.07)


                                                January 19, 2007


Good afternoon, everyone!


Please read this e-mail as soon as possible and ask team and squad members who do not have e-mail to read this at our Web site,, clicking on "Project Instructions".


You are right, there is much here! But consider that we are taking adult roles and operating our project like an adult business, doing a needed service for the community as we strengthen our college, scholarship, and job applications.


Van Ajemian 

323.720.1022, office and voice mail





Activities are described at our Web site,  Click on "Project Instructions" in the left margin and then click on your team's document:


document 5, "Instructions for E-News Team 1, 1.16.07" or


document 6, "Instructions for E-News Teams 5 and 9, 1.16.07" or


document 7, "Instructions for E-News Team 13, 1.16.07".


If your team does not have instructions there, please contact me at






Unfortunately, we do not have class time to talk, so we have to communicate in other ways. How?


1. By e-mail. Below, under item 7, you will see a list of new, professional e-mail addresses for us to use in our project. I check my e-mail at least twice a day, seven days a week, and I ask that you do the same.


2. By voice mail. I work at Montebello Paralegal, 813 West Whittier, Suite D, 323.720.1022, across the street from the CVS drug store. You may leave a voice mail at any time. I check voice mail when I am at the office, usually between 11 and 5 weekdays. Also, I check voice mail in the morning, evening and on weekends when I am not at the office.


3. By Web site. I will post information at Click on "Project Instructions" in the left margin of the home page. Then click on the pertinent document. What I am sharing with you in this e-mail will be called "Update for All Project Staff, 1.19.07".


4. By meeting.  See the staff agenda of 1.16.07, a copy of which is at  Click on "Setting an Example" in the left margin of the home page and then click on document 5.


Would you like to meet on the weekend?  That, too, is possible.  See item 3.3 of the staff agenda.







5. Through our project, you will have the chance to apply what you are learning in class. You will produce solid work which you can share with colleges, scholarship foundations, and employers. Also, people in our community need what you will be doing. So, your work will be important for you and for others.







6. We are learning to work in the "adult subculture". We wish for adults to take us seriously, so we are adapting to the adult subculture. Another way of saying this is that we will do our activities professionally. If you would like details about adapting to the adult subculture--in order to be successful in an adult world--go to the Web site, click on "E-NEWS Textbook" or "Oil Textbook", then click on chapter 5. In chapter 5, read until you get to "End part 1 of chapter 5".







7. We will be using professional e-mail addresses. You type in your professional e-mail address according to this chart (by the way, please correct me if I have put you in the wrong team or squad; also, Roxanna, Dana, Elizabeth R., Ashley, and Alexandra have not been assigned to a team; if you are not on a team by Monday, please call me at the office):


E-NEWS team 1, squad 1, Aaron, Karla, ;


E-NEWS team 1, squad 2, David, Johnny, Adriana, ;


E-NEWS team 1, squad 3, Salvador, Eddy, Marvin, ;


E-NEWS team 1, squad 4, Cindy, Gabriela, Alma, ;


E-NEWS team 1, squad 5, Berta, Chris, Aracely, ;


E-NEWS teama 4, Deana, Daniela, Raymond, ;


E-NEWS team 5, squad 1, Viviana, Elizabeth, Yesenia, Edward, Tiffany, Angel, Lupe, ;


E-NEWS team 5, squad 2, Jennifer, Nicole, Bianney, Jeannette, Michelle, Cecilia, Grecia, ;


E-NEWS team 5, squad 3, Jessica, Darla, Stephanie D., Scott, ;


E-NEWS team 6, Helen, Vitalina, ;


E-NEWS team 7, squad 1, Victor, Maria R., ;


E-NEWS team 7, squad 2, Steve, Mario P., ;


E-NEWS team 7, squad 3, open, ;


E-NEWS team 7, squad 4, Ian, ;


E-NEWS team 7, squad 5, [Ian], ;


E-NEWS team 7, squad 6, Diana, ;


E-NEWS team 7, squad 7, [Diana], ;


E-NEWS team 8, Alfonso, Samantha, Eric, ask me about an address;


E-NEWS team 9, squad 1, Ana, Denisse, Denise, Viviana, ;


E-NEWS team 9, squad 2, Bianca, Melissa, Ricardo, Vanessa, Ernesto, ;


E-NEWS team 9, squad 3, Andrea, Nancy G., Nancy C., ;


E-NEWS team 9, squad 4, Nayeli, Laura, Julian, Darling, ;


E-NEWS team 10, squad 1, Nicole, Edgar, ;


E-NEWS team 10, squad 2, open, ;


E-NEWS team 10, squad 3, open, ;


E-NEWS team 10, squad 4, open, ;


E-NEWS team 10, squad 5, open, ;


E-NEWS team 13, squad 1, Karen, Arlene, Jenny, ;


E-NEWS team 13, squad 2, Anthony, Stephanie, Jackie, Celene, ;


E-NEWS team 13, squad 3, Cindy, Iris, Stephanie,;


E-NEWS team 13, squad 4, Reymond, Elida, Joe, ;


E-NEWS team 13, squad 5, Sharon, Ariana, Amanda, ;


E-NEWS team 13, squad 6, Nicole, Steven, Jahayra, ;


E-NEWS team 13, squad 7, Maria, Susie, Brenda, ;


OIL team 1, squad 1, Ingrid, Judy, ;


OIL team 1, squad 2, Elizabeth A., Margaret,;


OIL team 1, squad 3, Stephanie H., Rosalinda, ;


OIL team 4, Vi, Michelles, Yasmin, ;


OIL team 6, Judith, Sandra, Arsenia, Eriberto, Blanca, ;


OIL team 7, squad 1, Rosemary, Teresa, ;


OIL team 7, squad 2, Gabriela, Alexandra P., ;


OIL team 7, squad 3, Cynthia, Jennifer H., ;


OIL team 7, squad 4, Christine L., Denisse R., ;


OIL team 7, squad 5, [open], ;


OIL team 7, squad 6, [open], ;


OIL team 7, squad 7, [open], ;


OIL team 10, Ruben, Ellen, .


If I have missed your name, discu'lpame. Please let me know.







1. Each of us has a personal e-mail address which is creative, like . We must not use that when communicating with adults. Recall that we are trying to adapt to their subculture. We want them to take us seriously. A creative e-mail address might give an adult the wrong impression, 'Just a kid e-mailing me'.


2. You can access your professional e-mail address from home, the library, and even school. (Please do not tell this to anyone outside of our project. We do not want our addresses misused or disallowed.)


3. Your using a professional e-mail address helps me determine the quantity and quality of your team's or squad's participation in an activity, and that quantity and quality are two factors in my evaluation of your team's performance. (For more about evaluation, go to the Web site, click on "E-NEWS Textbook" or "Oil Textbook", then click on chapter 17, "Evaluation of Staff Performance".


4. We all benefit from having a place to store our and others' communications. Our professional e-mail accounts automatically store our outgoing e-mail, and each of us can create a folder to store incoming e-mail.


(The one downside is that the e-mail service seems to be slow when using Microsoft Internet Explorer as the browser. It seems that the service is less slow when the browser is Mozilla Firefox.)







You may access your e-mail account from home, library, EVEN school! First, you go to (there is one "el" and two number ones there).


Second, when you type your team's or squad's address, you must type a password, also.  Ask your team leader to e-mail or call me, so that I give him or her the password.  I am not printing passwords, so that they not be seen by others and possibly misused.


Third, when sending an e-mail, always state something in the subject field so that the recipient know that the e-mail is from you, like "Message from Team 10, squad 1".  If you include "TIMELY" in the subject field, the recipient should look at the e-mail the same day; if you say "URGENT", the recipient should look at the e-mail as quickly as possible.


"TIMELY" means that you have a question, comment or information which will affect your work or that of another staff. If you want an answer, it is good enough that the recipient reply within a day.


"URGENT" means that you have a question, comment or information which will affect your work or that of another staff, but that you need for the recipient to read and, if you request, reply to your e-mail as quickly as possible.


Now, if you do not use "TIMELY" or "URGENT", you are providing information, a comment or a suggestion for which you are not expecting a reply from the recipient.


If you use "TIMELY" or "URGENT", it is a good idea to back up your e-mail with a voice mail to the recipient, giving your name, team number and squad number, and saying that an e-mail had just been sent.  This is important because e-mail is NOT 100% reliable.  If, upon hearing your voice mail, the recipient not see your e-mail, he or she should call you. (Already, E-NEWS teams 6 and 7 has learned about the unreliability of e-mail when communicating with adults.)


Fourth, if your professional "Inbox" and "Sent" boxes start filling, create folders and classify the e-mail, so that it take less time to find what you need. To create a folder, click on "Folder" in the tool bar, then on "New".  To put an e-mail in a folder, click on "Mail" in the tool bar.


Fifth, my browser has a "pop-up blocker", which does not let me open or write an e-mail using my professional address, unless I hold down "Control" and "Z" when I click on what I want. To write an e-mail, click on "New" in the tool bar.







1. When communicating with one another or with adults about our project, we always use our team's or squad's professional e-mail address, except as stated in item 6 below.


2. We check e-mail AT LEAST twice a day. This is part of being professional.


3. If your team's or squad's password is compromised, notify me right away, because, as the administrator, I will change the password.


4. Our professional addresses may be used for our two community projects, E-NEWS and Montebello Oil, and nothing else. No personal

incoming or outgoing e-mail. Be wary of incoming e-mail from outsiders, so that a virus not infect your address, computer, and spread to others.


5. Always contact me at, unless your e-mail bounce back, in which case send it to and leave me a voice mail, 323.720.1022, telling me of the bounce-back.


6. Do NOT delete incoming or outgoing e-mail, as the contents of your "Inbox", "Sent", and any folders which you create will help me in evaluating team performance, explained in chapter 17 of the E-NEWS textbook, which is at


7. We are to keep our personal e-mail addresses in the staff roster and use those only as a backup for our project work, in case our professional addresses not function. However, it is a good idea that, when sending somebody an e-mail from your professional address, you send to your personal address, so that you be sure that the e-mail went through.


We will NOT use school e-mail addresses at all for our projects, because those addresses have been unreliable.


Thank you.

































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