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                         ROUTINE FOR E-NEWS TEAM 6


1. First send an e-mail to the e-mail trustees.  Say this in the subject field:  "Mr. ______, community newsletter coming in next e-mail.  Helen Martinez 12.21.06".  Do NOT attach the newsletter.  Always e-mail me at, unless there be an emergency.


2. Immediately after sending that e-mail, send another.  Attach the newsletter and state this in the subject field:  "Mr. _______, please distribute newsletter as Word attachment.  Helen Martinez 12.21.06"  In this second e-mail, list your professional e-mail address for your team in the e-mail dialogue box, so that the trustees see the address.  Your professional address is .


3. Within the hour, call and leave voice mail alerting the e-mail trustees.  "Good evening, Mr. _____.  Today is December 21.  Recall that students from Montebello High spoke with you about circulating our community newsletter.  The newsletter has been sent you by e-mail.  Please distribute on Thursday as a Word attachment.  If you have a question, please call me at ____________.  Thank you.  Vitalina Gonzalez of E-NEWS".


4. I will give you updated personal e-mail addresses for E-NEWS staff and Oil staff.  (Why not the professional addresses?  I want to be sure that each staff member see E-NEWS, as he or she is more likely to open her personal e-mail account.)  To distribute the next issue to them,


(a) copy and paste the addresses into “bcc:” in an e-mail;  send in three or four batches;


(b) attach the newsletter;


(c) importantly, say this in the subject field:  “MHS staff, please read attached E-NEWS 12.7.06.  Helen and Vitalina, team 6”, so that they know what the attachment is about.


5. If you get a failure notice for anyone, which means that the e-mail did not go through, send the failure notice to the management team for the staff and to me, with this in the subject field “Team 4, please see and fix this.  Let us know.  Thanks.  Vitalina and Helen”.









6. Thursday, evening, leave a voice mail for the e-mail trustees, myself included, clearly saying something like this:  “Mr. ______, good Thursday evening.  This is Vitalina Gonzalez from Montebello High School.  The first issue of MONTEBELLO E-NEWS was e-mailed to you today.  If you were not able to distribute it or if you have a question, please call me at ______________.  Thank you for your help.”


This is NOT the best way to confirm that E-NEWS has been distributed, but until we come up with a better way, this is what your team does.


7. Send a reminder Thursday to E-NEWS teams 1, 8, and 9.  Write in the subject field:  “Next E-NEWS deadline Monday, January 8.  Helen and Vitalina.  1.2.07”.  The reminder is to go to their professional e-mail addresses.  The addresses are listed in document 8 under “Project Instructions” at the Web site.


Repeat this reminder with a phone call Saturday or Sunday.  (There is an important lesson here.  If all the staff kept a personal calendar, you would not have to do this.  But because others do not do this, you have more activity.)


8. If you have not received copy from E-NEWS teams 1, 8, and 9, by Tuesday morning, call to remind them.  Let them know that if they are having problems, they must immediately let team 4 know, so that help be arranged.  Your layout, decorating, and proofreading should be Tuesday evening, not Wednesday, so that the newsletter be out Wednesday night.


9. Some (most?) students do not organize their e-mail, which means that I repeat instructions and information.  The best thing is to create three folders in your professional e-mail accounts:


(a) general E-NEWS information, including the list of e-mail trustees and of E-NEWS and Oil staff;


(b) uncorrected, yet-to-be-laid-out copy from other teams;


(c) final issues of E-NEWS.


If you organize your e-mail, you will save yourselves and others much time.


10. Here is the schedule, which will repeat weekly, starting in 2007:


THURSDAY.  E-mail a reminder to E-NEWS teams 1, 8, and 9, that the deadline is Monday for copy for the next issue of E-NEWS.


FRIDAY AND SATURDAY.  Over the weekend, you find decorations—quotations and simple graphics—for the next issue.


SATURDAY OR SUNDAY.  You call to remind E-NEWS teams 1, 8, and 9 about the Tuesday morning deadline for copy.


MONDAY.  All copy is to come to you by Tuesday morning.  You let me know if a team has failed to provide copy.  (Remember, our rule is to contact by two ways.  Contact me by e-mail and voice mail.)


TUESDAY.  You lay out and proofread Tuesday.


WEDNESDAY .  Wednesday morning you e-mail your draft to me and alert me by voice mail.


WEDNESDAY.  I send the final, approved E-NEWS to you.  Early Wednesday evening you distribute and alert e-mail trustees through voice mail.


THURSDAY OR FRIDAY.  You distribute to E-NEWS and Oil staff.  You leave a voice mail for e-mail trustees Thursday evening, gently reminding them that they should have distributed the newsletter.


Updated 1.24.07
































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