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                             FIRST REGULAR STAFF MEETING


1. How we differ from Los Angeles Wave, Montebello Comet, and other news media.


1.1 Our focus is Montebello.

1.2 We go after announcements.

1.3 We have a strong interest in new ideas and new solutions.

1.4 We are here to help Montebello, not just report on it.

1.5 Thus, our work is needed by Montebello.


2.  Why we might be on television.


2.1. Our project is extraordinary:  you are taking on adult roles and working with adults in order to help the community.

2.2  The example of Abington High School.


3. Because we missed our November 30 publication date for the first issue, people in Montebello did not learn about


3.1 the library book sale last Friday,

3.2 the first-time homebuyers class last Saturday,

3.3 the yard sales held across town this last weekend,

3.3 the lunch with the police chief to be held tomorrow.


How to Be Sure That We Succeed


4. Our newsletter is not a customary community project for high schoolers, because we expect more personal responsibility and initiative from each person.  The newsletter teacher, like a band director, teaches, advises, approves.  But unlike a band director, the teacher steps back to let staff schedule and run the newsletter.  This means that


4.1 without being reminded, team leaders take the initiative to call team  meetings, which should be at least once a week;


4.2 when one activity is finished, team leaders are to arrange the next activity, getting the teacher’s advice but not waiting for the teacher to say what to do;  our goals are for staff to run everything and to publish a quality newsletter every week;


4.3 team leaders should look at their respective teams as a resource and assign activities;  leaders should not  do all team activities, as that would be too much;  if every team member knows what to do and does it on time, we will not miss deadlines and we will publish a quality newsletter every week;


4.4 every team has a checklist and chart ** to help decide who does what and, importantly, who the backup is in case somebody not be able to do her / his activities;  if we had filled and followed the checklist and chart, we should not have missed the deadline for the first issue of the newsletter; 


4.5 we should think “concurrently”, not “consecutively”;  this means that a team should be divided into squads and each squad should be doing something all the time, without waiting for other squads to finish their activities;  in this way, no time is lost;


4.6 everyone on our newsletter staff should communicate with everyone else in two ways about upcoming meetings and deadlines:  e-mail and telephone;  this means that everyone should check his or her school e-mail account at least twice a day, including on weekends;  for team members who do not have e-mail at home, team leaders and fellow team members must call them;  team leaders must have school e-mail addresses and telephone numbers for all team members; 


4.7 while it is not customary among high schoolers, everyone on our staff should keep a personal calendar and not depend on somebody else to remind him or her;  forgetting or missing a deadline can annoy or hurt others;


4.8 if there is a question or difficulty, a team member should immediately, immediately, contact a team leader;  if a satisfactory answer cannot be had immediately, then she or he should contact team 4.


5. Monday is the deadline for getting copy to team 6, Helen who should quickly be in contact with any team missing the deadline. Once that is done, every team which is to provide copy starts working on copy for next Monday.


** Team 10 is to put the updated E-News textbook at our Web site,, in case you wish to see the checklist and chart for your team, know the details of your team’s activities, and how to deal with adults.

































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