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                        Staff Meeting on Monday, December 11, 2006

1. The teams for “Montebello Oil”:

team 1, learn and prioritize needs of Montebello, invite proposals, three members; this involves making brief presentations and asking people questions, either in person or by telephone;

team 4, manage and seek feedback about project, three members; the work parallels that of team 4 for the newsletter;

team 6, print and distribute Oil, four members; this team researches how much to print, designs and oversees printing, and then keeps careful track of where the money is sent;

team 7, enlist businesspeople to use and / or sponsor Oil, twelve members; this team makes brief presentations in person, in order to persuade businesspeople to use Oil and / or to help pay for printing; need seven more; show friends the information at the Web site; invite them to join;

team 8, organize and manage discussions and votes for Oil grants, four members; this team contacts youth and adults, asking them to look at and talk about proposals for using Oil; the team then asks youth and adults to vote on which proposals should receive Oil; need three more; show friends the information at the Web site; invite them to join;

team 10, Web site and publicity, two members; this team works with team 10 for the newsletter in uploading material to; also, this team writes news releases about Oil, for the newsletter and other media;

2. Team meetings. First, choose team leaders. Use nutrition to hold team meetings. Team leaders: come prepared to make assignments, set deadlines, check on progress. Do you want the local-currency teacher to come? Everyone on every team should have an activity on which to work all the time. Goal: have one team meeting this week after the local-currency teacher send your team instructions Tuesday morning for an activity during vacation. (Why an activity during vacation?)

4. Check your e-mail at least twice daily. If you do not have e-mail at home, check at school twice daily. While few things in life are perfect, strive to be a perfectionist. Pay attention to details, as a music conductor or a choreographer does. Goal: get a school e-mail account and let the teacher know.

5. Our Web site’s address is Information is there for your team. In January, tell me if you wish to be named on the Web site.

6. Are we ready for the big prize? From the Web site talking about the big prize:

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation is seeking proposals for innovative ways to shape the future of news and community.

In a democracy that is organized by geography, the fate of every village, town, suburb and metropolis depends on citizens being able to get the news they need to run their lives and their governments. The Knight Brothers 21st Century News Challenge hopes to recognize transformative ideas, pilot projects, leadership initiatives and investment opportunities that will help improve the flow of journalism, information and news in the public interest.

We're looking for:
• New ways to understand news and act on it, including new ways to collect, prepare and distribute information, news and journalism that reveals hard-to-know facts, identifies common problems, clarifies community issues and points out practical courses of action.
• New ways for people to communicate interactively to better understand one another, to generate real passion in solving local problems and to share the know-how they need to improve their communities;
• New ways for people to use information, news and journalism to imagine their collective possibilities as communities, and to set and reach common community goals.

We want proposals that increase the clarity, not the cacophony. We’re looking for ways to increase a community’s capacity to both understand what’s wrong and to fix it.

The deadline for submitting a Letter of Inquiry is December 31st.

7. We will be having a staff meeting the day school resumes, Monday,    January  8.  Every team is to give a brief report.

































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