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Staff Meetings on Tuesday, January 16, 2007 (Updated 1.19.07)

Agenda for E-News (7:20 AM) and Oil (2:15 PM) Staff Meetings
of January 16, 2007, Room B-5

1. Team 4 takes attendance. 

2.  This is the last regular staff meeting.  I am going to try to communicate with all staff in a different way.  Why? 

2.1                 It is important to have regular contact with staff, but for many staff, meeting zero period or after school is difficult.  

2.2                 Between E-News and “Montebello Oil”, there are over ninety staff.

2.3                 Some staff cannot be reached easily after school, even by telephone or e-mail.

2.4                 I am spending too much time reminding teams about their activities.  The work of teams is good, but I do not yet see consistency, initiative or attention to detail and deadlines.  Everyone, set your personal goals high.  Acquire and apply consistency, initiative, and attention to detail and deadlines so that you get the most personal benefit from our project.

2.5                 I believe that what you learn through our project is more useful to you than some of your high-school and, later, college courses.  Those courses do not prepare you for life and a career.  How prepared do you wish to be? 

3. Here is what is going to be tried, starting this week: 

3.1           You may e-mail or call me at any time, day or night, school day, weekend or holiday, and I will reply quickly, unless there be too much to do.  Be clear about who you are and how I am to reply to you.  Do not send me e-mail without filling the subject field.  Also, if you e-mail, use your professional e-mail address.  If you call, leave a voice mail if I do not answer. 

3.2           I am setting aside time for teams during nutrition, to meet in the school library.  It is very important to have a routine, that is, for us to meet regularly;  otherwise, activities would be postponed or never done, which means that our project would suffer, because each team’s work is important to the success of the project.  Imagine that we were a club and we met at nutrition.  (Of course, nutrition is short, so we must be quick to get to the school library and have our meeting.)  We start next week.  We do not meet during finals week or on holidays;  however, we will try to make those up quickly.  Also, we will try to meet during vacation.  Why?  Our activities help people in need, and there is always need. 

E-News (newsletter) team 5, second and fourth Mondays;  team 9, second and fourth Tuesdays;  team 1, first and third Tuesdays;  team 13, every Wednesday;  team 7, second and fourth Thursdays;  other teams, second and fourth Fridays;  “Montebello Oil” (money) teams 1 and 8, first and third Mondays;  team 7, first and third Thursdays;  other teams, first and third Fridays. 

3.3           If you have something urgent or would like for more time to meet, as a team, a squad or individually;  I might be available any school day before school, first period or second period in room B-5, or from 3 to 6 p.m. at the office where I work, Montebello Paralegal, 813 West Whittier Boulevard, Suite D, Montebello 90640.  Also, I might be available at any time on the weekend, on a holiday or during vacation;  we can meet on the school’s front steps, at the main Montebello library or at Montebello Paralegal, as we agree.  Let me know at least a day in advance so that I check my calendar and confirm with you

3.4           This has been deleted.  Instructions and updates will no longer be circulated or posted in classrooms.

4.             Evaluations of teams will be done, so that staff know how close—or far—they are from being taken seriously by adults.  Everyone is asked to read chapter 17 of the E-News or Oil textbook, each of which is at 

5.             Are we ready to adapt to the adult subculture in order for our project to succeed?  I believe that adults would help us if we did so.  So far, three adults have been asked to help with E-News circulation.  All three have said “yes”.   One of them: 

Montebello High School E-Newsletter 

January 11, 2007    

Dear [Recipient], Montebello Housing Development Corporation, is proud to provide you with editions of the Montebello E-Newsletter developed by Montebello High School students. This e-newsletter is developed by local high school students as an effort to inform Montebello residents and businesses of local happenings. I hope you enjoy it.   Visit the following link for a copy of the E-Newsletter.   MyMontebello E-News Website.  Thank you.  

Robert Monzon / President
Montebello Housing Development Corporation

Hi Van,

Great.  Thank you.  This [the above message] went to 112 email addresses. 

Sent from my BlackBerry
Robert Monzon

































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