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Be Just and Fear Not

 By Manuel Marron

Opinions Editor, Derrick Diary, Montebello High School


          What are you afraid of? Fear can be lots of things, such as a phobia, like a fear of needles, which yours truly (just to let you know). We can be afraid of failure, death, rejection and an everlasting list of things. However, there is one fear that every pathetic member of this repulsive nation, that makes me sick to my stomach, has in common: a fear of truth. Everyone is too wrapped up in fashion magazines, trends, celebrity gossip, and their own pointless melodrama to see how wretched this world really is.

          Why are we as a people like this? Why are we afraid of the truth? I pop culture really that brainwashing it blinds us so much that we do not notice that our civil rights and liberties are being brutally stripped from a us as a nation everyday? So blind that we do not feel outraged by those who kill our own brothers and sisters? So blind that we do not mind that we are being tagged, watched, and victims of eavesdropping (itís called Big Brother a social security number and Homeland Security?) Then the answer dawned upon me. This nation is afraid of the truth; itís truly sickening.

          This is why we turn our faces from real world crisisís that are plaguing us. What is even more tragic is that people would rather turn their backs on each other to face their new plasma televisions than face the horrible truths in the world. Then, when our television dominators show us something we do not like, we simply change the channel from CNN to MTV.

          The fear of the truth also explains why some believe in implausible artificial idols. Many of us give our entire lives to masters who may or may not really exist. We accept books that are filled with stories that if were not forcibly implanted into our feebly young minds from birth, we would simply just laugh and pass on as another piece of sci-fi literature.

          It is frightening to think that there is no one watching us. It is frightening to think that nothing happens for a reason, that there is no plan. It is also very frightening to think that after we die there will be no pearly gates sitting upon fluffy white clouds waiting for us, but only eternal nothingness. It is if only because human beings are too afraid to deal with the truth so they create lies to tell themselves for comfort or simply just ignore the plain truth.

          It is pitiful to know that a species that lies to itself and each other just to escape reality actually exists an holds itself superior to everything it encounters. How can this be? This simple fear and neglect of the truth branches off to more than just the basis of how utterly pathetic it is; but, it branches out to ignorance, religious wars, apathy and another everlasting list of things.

          This world is so despicable. This world deserves its inevitable end that we all are helping to accomplish each day (Hello, global warming, nuclear crisis, and war on terror.)

          This is depressing to me, especially to be associated with a fearful and pathetic race of beings when we are all looked down upon by future, peaceful and intelligent civilizations.

          There is nothing wrong being afraid of the truth: the truth is a frightening thing, no doubt about it. But to take it to the extent to which we do not face it takes it too far. Wouldnít you rather live in the truth than live in false comfort and be naÔve? So open your eyes, accept the painful truth: it is really not that bad.
































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